New Midnight edition - same as the original dual SVF?

Just went to the store and saw this midnight edition. Is this the same as the current dual SVF but different colour scheme or different filter architecture?

Read about the changes here: … and of course, get one. :wink:

Thanks but I still have no idea of the difference between it and the regular apart from the clothing.

If you took the time to read, you would have found this:

  • I have changed parts values to make the filter easier to tune (the “right” tuning is close to the middle of the trimmer rather than dangerously close to the edge).
  • I have changed parts values to adjust signal levels and prevent clipping when extreme settings are used (such as two high-pass filters with low cutoff and high resonance). As a result, the output level might be lower than other Shruthis at first sight… Until you unleash the second filter with high resonance :slight_smile:
  • I have changed part values to subtly alter the resonance so that, at self-oscillation, it does not overwhelm the original signal as much as in the previous version.
  • I have removed the high-pass filter at the end of the chain which caused problems with some pedals/FX.
  • I have added a pad for fixing the VCA bleed in case it is present.
  • Some PCB tweaks/re-routing to improve noise levels.

All in all its now a pleasant build, whereas the old DSVF was a bit complicated….

Also, blue. With LEDs. Blue LEDs. Need I say more?

  • it comes with a Ghost!

Please stop before I order a second kit.

Ill send you a 3rd free ghost if you do so :wink:

The ghost is a separate thing? Did I miss anything? I thought it was just on the PCB.

I’m looking the other way. Any other way.

Ok. I did it.

Thought leadership. Embrace it!

In case sales are going too slowly, the secret emergency plan is to post pictures of the little plexiglas ghost that comes with the case pieces. Mine has a key-ring in his left eye.

This plan already works.

We are so gullible …

Damn, I have the feeling that O will soon regard us all as his flock of sheep. Hi Lassie!

I’ll build two, keep one, and put one on EvilBay! Muhahaha!

Now the question: will you sell it with its plexighost or will you keep it for yourself?

The plexighosts are for the kids, obviously. :slight_smile: