New Microwave XT DSP expansions are now available

For those who own a Microwave XT with a version 3 board; Encore Electronics now offers newly built DSP expansion boards. Q and Micro Q boards should also become available in the near future. See this forum thread for details.


You know you want one.

Then i can sell my 2nd MW2….

Space and money saved!

Negative. I tend to run on a redundant fail safe strategy for crucial machines, at least thats what i told my better half for justifying a P6 :wink:

Unfortunately mine’s a rev 3 board and is upgradable :frowning: so that’s another purchase made. I suppose I’ll have to get the Q upgrade too when that’s out.

Be sure to register your interest by sending an email to the address listed in the forum post.

My XT has a v3 mainboard, too. Given how rarely I use it, though, I’m going to pass in favour of more Euro gear.


Damnit, another thing I ought to attend to that wants something from my wallet! Then, by the sound of it there will be Q expansions too. Gotta pony up, it will be nice to push those big ole Waldorfs further :slight_smile:

TBH I’d rather have a second XT than the expansion, to have the additional outputs.

Well, there’s that, but there’s also the higher number of voices in case you sequence it multitimbrally without sounds getting chopped off. If wishes were fishes…

Helps if you layer sounds too.

Thinking about it i should check if my Rack MW2 has also a revision 3 Board, so i could save on shipping….

Aaaand, sold out…

Mine is stuck in the post, should get it tomorrow though.

Anyone got theirs yet? mine’s just been shipped, but US to UK will take a while.

I got mine on Monday (USA), installed and twerking!

Got mine today, was glad to see that no tax was due. I’ve never quite understood why import tax is applied to items you can only buy from one country.

Quite a few screws to remove and replace.

Mine doesn’t work :frowning:

I think the regulator is dead, I get 9.5v in but seemingly nothing out.

Definitely email Encore about it. There’s a thread on Gearslutz about someone else’s experience and Encore described the modifications necessary to get it to function. Apparently some rev 3 boards don’t work, and don’t recognize the expansion without removing and bridging a resistor. Does your XT recognize the expansion?