New Meeblip!

Too bad it only comes assembled.

Interesting… Does it really have an analog filter (or is it the reconstruction filter after the DAC)? Doing the filtering in the analog domain should free up a lot of resources for improving the oscillators!

Yes, I wish there was more info about its “guts”.

Or calling it a bass synth is one way to get people to avoid playing those high notes with the old oscs :smiley:

“Then, you get something never before heard on a MeeBlip: an original analog filter with resonance, based on a classic Twin T circuit. (Geeks, if you want some reading on this idea, check this TI document.) It behaves like a classic vintage low-pass filter, but in actuality, it’s a modified band-pass filter. The upshot: angry resonance and musical frequency cutoff. It’s raunchy and aggressive and not-boring – perfect for bass sounds.”

The one thing I really like is how simple and tiny it is… they have my attention this time.

$20 off Black Friday sale… ordered! Looks like a fun little box. Cant wait to mod it.

Argh, shipping time 7 weeks.

i don’t know guys … looks very limited. the shruthi seems to blow this thing out of the water on all levels at a price not even twice as high. only advantage i can see are even smaller size and four more pots?

Ok, I would love to hear your arguments towards convincing me to get this with the discount?
I am on the fence and would really like somebody to give me a nudge as to why I need this new Meeblip.
It wouldn’t take much, it´s just that I don´t have the previous models and have no idea as to their uniqueness or attributes.

@Varthdader: You need the Meeblip as an extra sub oscillator for your Shruthi. Now you can run one of the poppy algorithms and still have that deep bass.

Really though… I listened to the demos and can do all of those sounds with just the Shruthi. Well, get very close. The whole thing seems like a smaller rocket.

Edit: 7 weeks shipping time? Ok, that is crazy. I wouldn’t want my cash tied up for 7 weeks during the holidays.

usually I dont bite at synths like this, but something about this one hit me right in the wallet. The filter seems to have some interesting unique qualities to it. Worse case, I can give it to my 8 year old boy to play with.

Without being negative, but it looks like a stripped down version of the Waldorf Rocket. Sadly there isn’t much to strip down.

Hopefully your Inheritor isn’t like mine when i gifted him a Monotron. After half an hour he brought it back stating he doesn’t need it anymore because he already made all the sounds.

@fcd72: My knee jerk reaction was that it looked like a smaller Waldorf Rocket as well.

Also, when he said that he made “every” sound on the Monotron, you should have sat him down with an oscilloscope to properly document all of the different waveforms. Did he even make a feedback loop?
Better yet, since you have a full stock of components, show him some of the instructions for the easier mods. :slight_smile:

fcd72: “Liebling, I swear we’re going to save a lot of money on the babysitter with this”.

I didn’t feel its worth the effort teaching a 6 year old boy how to properly use a HAMEG thats 5 time the age to look at slightly different waveforms from a Synth made of Plastic (and probably available in an Überraschungsei soon) with even older schematics when i have a Braids at hand. Braids can do the StarWars Episode 2 Seismic Bomb Sound - Monotron just squeaks. And if Braids gets boring (1:10E53 possibility) theres always this Vector thingie….

Disclaimeur Legale: Better don’t trust me – I’m using Behringer Gear!

I was not aware that he was that little. I wonder if he will grow up to only appreciate acoustic instruments after growing up around all of these “fraudulent electronics”?

Also, if they start making synths small enough to fit inside a chocolate ball… I will be gaining at least 50kg.

My Shruthis, my Ambika and my Anushri are made of plastic

Your Shruthis, Ambika and Anushri are made of highest quality original Röhm Plexiglas. The Monotron is made of the cheapest possible injection pressure molding - presumably recycled - Plastic. This translates into sound as we all know :wink:

Recycling is good!