New Korg


What about the bugs? I was reading about a couple of bugs… but maybe they have been fixed by now.


i haven’t come across any yet, saying that I do need more time with it and the rest of my studio…


I ordered one and I must say I am liking it a lot so far.


I haven’t found any bugs yet. I did upgrade its firmware from 1.0 to 1.1 immediately after I took it out of the box.

Make sure to at least read the page in the manual that list the functions of the Shift button; in contrast to what some reviewers state, the ENV and LFO intensity actually is bipolar.

The factory patches are pretty impressive. They do a good job highlighting what can be done and how you can use the sequencer creatively.

Make sure you don’t overlook the sequencer. It really is a big part of the instrument and can be (ab)used as a modulation source in interesting ways when combined with the KEY TRG / HOLD button.


One nice sequencer trick is to fill the NOTE row with 16 C4 notes, the SLIDE row slides on all steps and then turn on KEY TRG. This way you can play as usual, while you can use MOTION for 4 rows of 16-step wave sequencing and/or complex multi-stage envelopes.


Did I say “I am completely satisfied with the synths I own”? Yes I did. But I went to the local music store to check this thing out. Its brillant! Every mono synth must have a sequencer like this. Its so much fun. Maybe its Takahashis last gift to the synth-world? Whatever it is, it is a super-nice mono and I was sooooo close to buying one (a red one)


i did buy one yesterday and i’m liking it a lot so far, despite its limitations (some of which are pretty obvious, but some i found rather surprising when i came across them while playing around with it at home).

elegant, hands-on knob-per-function design.
intuitive and fun sequencer with motion sequencing of up to 4 parameters.
2 flexible vcos with sync, ring modulator, and waveshaping.
small, light-weight, runs on batteries.
very affordable.

the wooden end cheek emits a rather unpleasant chemical smell. hope this will disappear soon.
the asr envelope can modulate only one target parameter at a time.
the lfo can modulate only one target parameter at a time.
the sequencer has a maximum of just 16 steps.
sequencer step resolution can only be 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or 1/1 notes - no triplets.
there seems to be no way of ‘rotating/time shifting’ sequences.

i’m hoping that they’ll make the sequencer a little more flexible in terms of step length and resolution and maybe introduce a way of making any step the first step of a sequence with future fw updates. but even as it is, it’s great fun. like t2k, i haven’t come across any bugs with fw v1.1 yet.


I guess the Minilogue and the Monologue are a bit different… and I think they’re getting mixed up a bit here.


mixed up? in what way?
we’re talking about the monologue, not the mini, right?
i know that i was. :slight_smile:
(i don’t find the minilogue that interesting)


We’re indeed talking about the Monologue.

The Minilogue sure is also nice, but I’m personally not that interested in polysynths that don’t offer at least 6 voices.

What I like about the Monologue is not one specific feature, but rather how the sum of all its features and the way it is designed makes for an impressively fun and playable instrument.


Oh then it’s me who mixed it up… I thought this was about the minilogue, but apparently remembered it wrong :slight_smile:


Hehe. It’s about the newer new Korg, not the older new Korg. :slight_smile:


I get one tomorrow :slight_smile:


> Hehe. It’s about the newer new Korg, not the older new Korg. :slight_smile:

I guess I like the minologue better, because it’s more retro. The monologue is for the kids :smiley: