New Korg

My initial reaction was a bit “meh”, however the more I hear the more I like it. I hardly need another monosynth BUT it does have some very nice features, OD, microtonal, motionseq, audio rate lfo. A bit of cv/gate action would be great though :slight_smile:

Like the black Monologue.

I even like the straight wedge shape more than the curved panel found on the Minilogue.

There’s a first demo online here:

This would go well with my recently aquired TR-09 and TB-03…

The demos do sound pretty good although I can’t seem to find a release date. Not that I’m interested or anything :wink:

priced below $300
The sounds on this one remind me a lot of the shruthi!

I’m still thinking about getting a minilogue…

That sweetwater hands-on made me realize how small this Monologue is!

Totally Microbrute size, longer, better (not ideal) keys.

Edit: Launch Jan. 9 2017 FYI

i think it’s kind of cute.

Bit of a toy compared to DeepMind.

I don’t get the E-E thing with the keyboard. I mean, it’s different, but is it better? The sounds out of this thing are interesting, but not something I’d play in a band if I was a bass player. You quite often see bass players have a moog on a stand, and I don’t see the monologue change that anytime soon. Most of the sounds seem to go towards interesting leads anyways.

It’s tiny …! And indeed kind of cute. I like the blue and the red ones … @ t2k: like the still missing SH-01?

Seems weird to go smaller rather than bigger to me. Plenty of monosynths about.

@janniz I’d get a Boutique SH-01 in a heartbeat. In terms of colors, it’s a fun comparison indeed, but the filter on this thing sounds rather different to me. :slight_smile:

Blessed by the hand of Mr Aphex Twin himself no less… That alone will sell a bunch of 'em.

Yeah, but he did an EP on a Cheetah MS800 and people started digging those out of the bin to sell lol

Well, Richard D. James has done interesting things with microtuning in his tracks, so it does make some kind of sense.

I’ve been looking for an MS800 (for purely nostalgic reasons) for a few years now but I am not paying £400 for one :-/

I’ve had a good listen to the demos and I have to admit I really like it. I hardly need another monosynth but…

Anyone got one? Enjoying it? Pros? Cons?

It’s very good, much more powerful than I imagined. Cons - wish it was 4 / 8 voice poly :slight_smile: