New Korg

Any ideas what this will be?

ARP2600 would be rather nice!

Where does this info come from?

it’s all over Facebook, could be BS but even Sonic State’s talking about.


Mono/Poly wouldn’t match the color scheme? I’d love to see a re-issue of it, though.
Somebody also mentioned the Polysix … Its just a couple of days and we’ll know. But whatever it is: I am completely satisfied with the synths I own - for now. So my wildest guess is: Korg is going for carpets. Or towels - because thats what it looks like to me

Maybe they’ll just do a bigger Minilogue? Maxilogue? 8 or 12 voices would be nice.

colours match…

MS2000 with analogue filters?
Yes, please :slight_smile:

More rumours: Volca wavetable, Volca vocoder.

they just need to produce new boards for all those acid-crippeled polys out there (-:

that would be nice

Yes I sold my poly6 because it was a maintenance nightmare… Not only the acid from the battery but also the keyboard contacts get really bad.
I miss the sound though… If they make a new one I hope they upgrade it to 2 oscs and 2 envelopes.

Bringing out a less powerful variation of one of their already available recent synths is so uninteresting IMHO

I think it looks and sounds really nice. Sure, there are a ton of monosynths on the market, but this one is knobby and fully programmable, and has what looks like a cool full-featured 16-step sequencer.

Oh, and it has microtuning! I recently had a blast with that on my DX11.

Also, I’d like to add that as a bass player, I think it’s kinda cool that the keyboard goes from E to E. :slight_smile:

I like the colours.
I’m sure they will sell my the crate-load.


I guess ill pick one up with ruined keys at a discount eventually :wink:

Do they have SH-101/Poly-800-style pegs for attaching a guitar strap? Definitely a missed trick, if not…


> Also, I’d like to add that as a bass player, I think it’s kinda cool that the keyboard goes from E to E. :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s an interesting touch, never saw that on a synth, but I appreciate that once in a while something is not totally C-centric!