New Karl Bartos Album and video

Album came out yesterday its his Acoustic diary that has track ideas from 1975-late 1990s ( I think)

Hi Dude,
I love it. :slight_smile:
In my life I always loved Kraftwerk but I must admit I never knew something about Ralf Florian and the others. And my english is not so good,
so, I don’t understand if this vidéo is an eyewink about the past or what?


Just ordered the CD.
Yes, I still buy CDs…


“Red shirt, black tie
you’re history…”

I think so, Denis :smiley:


I have the autobiography of Wolfgang Flur (the other original member of the band who parted company with Kraftwerk in the late 70s/early 80s), ‘I Was A Robot’. He’s quite bitter about his days in Kraftwerk, and is very much of the opinion that himself and Karl Bartos were treated very badly by Florian and Ralf during their time in the band.


Hi toneburst :slight_smile:
I think I unterstand more now.
I must find this autobio.

I must quit. Have a nice day!


I ordered the CD from , I had a gift card from winning a photo competition, only I would spend it on Ultravox , OMD and Karl Bartos :slight_smile:

DEnis: yes its a tribute to the past IMO, the man machine red shirt black Tie as ALX said, the robot Mannequin, the gold records on the wall , the camera from the Model video etc

Nice pleasant surprise to find out about it, unbelievably I got the info from Peter Godwin on facebook! lol

Tone: Re Wolfgang , yes I think karl states the same, I read an interview from SOund on Sound when Electric Music came out and he said he got sick of programming and reading DX7 manuals, he wanted to play stuff live and enjoy the music.

Also, didnt Flur and Bartos invent and create all the electronic percussion instruments for KW?

@dude163 According to Flur’s bio, yes. And he apparently built a lot of their stage equipment, too. He obviously has an axe to grind though, so I’m not sure what he says is 100% accurate. I don’t imagine we’ll ever get the other (Hutter/Schneider) side of the story…


Me too
I collect CDs and vinyl. If I was not such a hoarder (fond memories of each and every one) I would chop them in and buy a Buchla …
I have one of these, for example. Cracking album/Terrific film.
Mark Isham
worth it for this track alone El Gavilan

I have Godwin’s collection on vinyl , some signed …

Just listened to Off The Record. It’s nice, I think. The first track, Atomium, reminds me strongly of Clock DVA, for some reason. Not an unpleasant thing, but they were very much of their time (late 80s/early 90s). Some of the tracks are just too much like Kraftwerk, circa Computer World (about the time Karl parted company with the band, which I suspect is no coincidence). They’re good, but do smack of pastiche a little. The naivety of the lyrics is different to that of Kraftwerk, though. All in all, it’s interesting, but not likely to become one of my all-time favourites albums, I think.

I seem to have been listening to a lot of self-consciously retro music lately- John Foxx and The Maths, Karl Bartos. I must be getting old…