New indie-electronic Video starting: SHRUTHI-1

Hey guys, I just release a new video of an indie-electronic song being played live on all instruments, including the Shruthi-1! I used the step sequencer heavily on the more rock’n parts of the track and got some really great New Order sounding rhythmic melodies out of it. The Shruthi sounds absolutely amazing and was built by me last year… twice. You reeeeally want to make sure you know which side of the board is which… :wink:

And if anyone can tell me why I’m not seeing any options to embed the video that would be great!

URL in double quotes, colon, URL without quotes, no spaces.

Rock! Thanks so much, and yes I did officially just win the noobe award for the day :slight_smile:

You might just as well win the very last shruthi kit with that video.

Thanks a bunch! I didn’t realize they have stopped production on these. Bummer. Such amazing sounding units. Makes me love mine all the more now!