New front panel for existing equipment/synth

I have read a few posts in another thread but that did t seem the place for this discussion…

I am putting together a new front panel for a rack unit and i am trying to go through Front Panel Express.

My problem is this…

How do i design a new front panel for an existing piece of gear where i need to have the holes in the correct positions for the existing jacks and leds which are soldered to the circuit board in the unit?

Thank you for any and all information and guidance you share.

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you will need some measuring calipers so that you can adjust them to the end of the panel to the switches so that you get fine measurements and from the edges and measuring switches and centers of pots and data wheels

something like this is perfect for what you need

then you just input the data your measuring into the panel design

I’ve got a Schaefer order in at the moment, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re going to come out like. I went for a plain aluminium, with no labels. My plan is to add labels using laser print transfer. Are you having the labels engraved? I think it will add quite a lot to the panel cost, if you do.