New Frames user, stopped making keyframe

So factory build, used module.

tried parasites 1.2, but v1,1 is working for me.

BUT… now I can’t delete or add keyframes as described in either mutable notes or parasites.

Trailed through muff’s and here for any hint at answers.

Worked as prescibed in vanilla stock fw…

Re installed v1.1 with success today again and still no change.

All I seem to do is somehow remove certain frames from the sequence that’s stuck in there and won’t clear so now there isn’t even usable frames to play with… :slight_smile:

Any guidance from other users would be appreciated. (I’ve been thorough on finger trouble, and tried every conceivable route)

Sorry guys. Finally tried something MR. Benne mentioned. the second DEL press helps. The blinken lights confused.

(Can delete post. Thanks Olivier)