New forum skin - remarks

I’ve just noticed the new forum skin.

Quite cool, but made me partially blind ! font color is pure black, which is very stressful on eyes.

My eyes would thank a lot the admin if he can change this… :slight_smile:
My advice : do a “search and replace” on the file style.css and change “black” or “#000” or “#000000” by “#333

Sorry for the rant.

Noticed the new skin and it’s when I realized how peaceful and easy the old one was. Might get used to it, but who knows. Change is sometimes good, other times…

Any other comments?

I agree; old colour scheme was much better for eyes.

Old color scheme was #000 on #fff.

I don’t know, I kind of like this.

yep pichenettes is right, the old one had a lot more contrast. Anyway, we’re still in beta :slight_smile:

Only remark I have is that clickable links in comments are kind of hard to see (#331900) without hovering the link, at least on my display. :slight_smile:

Clickable links were easier to see before, but still not ideal.

links and text are now fixed, if you find more bugs, let us know!

I didnt like it at first but im used to it now…

Pichenettes, Rumpelfilter : Maybe on the new skin the contrast effect of content typography (pure black on pure white) is more obvious because of the new background (more muted, so the contrast hierarchy between visual elements changed, etc…) or maybe of a change in font-family used (more thick).

I feel a little awkward with my thread, but it really stroke me when i logged in, especially on the main page (list of threads).

Edit: I saw, you changed the font, much better !


I think rumpelfilter and I are done with the live-tweaking for today :slight_smile:

Bold font was BOLD

were they out of capybara wallpaper? I like the new look.

Looks fine to me :slight_smile:
Was that “Activity” link there before? (I don’t remember it) anyway, if I click on it, it says:
“Permission Problem, you don’t have permission to do that”

Noticed the activity thing too… Weird. We’ll have to inestigate that.

How do you bookmark things now? Can’t find any way to add new bookmarks :confused:
(Not that I used them that often, but still)

I never noticed the bookmark function in the previous version. How did it work?

yeah there was a bookmark funktion… and it’s still there, something in the template prevents it to be shown…
oh wait… I think I found it. There needs to be a file called “star_sprite.png” in the template’s image folder, wonder why it doesn’t get it from the default theme, it’s supposed to fall back on that if things are missing.