New filter pages

probably stupid question:
will the parameters of the new filter pages (SSM2044 and 2164 SVF) be also CC controllable? or are they already and i just don’t know?
that means: should i consider them for the XX-pot controller, or are they only controllable via the mod matrix?

If they’re currently not, it would be great if they were. This is in no way a criticism of the user interface of the Shruthi-1, but I must admit I really enjoy tweaking the parameters over MIDI from myXStation.


@rosch: What is the XX-pot controller?

At the moment, they are controllable by NRPN, not by CC.

I did not plan to do a CC implementation because if you take out all the CC numbers which have a special meaning (volume, modwheel, pedal controllers, device mode etc.), all the numbers already taken by the existing parameter, all isolated values which are useless because they will make the CC decoding code look like a dirty, messy switch block, you’ll realize that soon will come a time when it won’t be possible to control any parameter by CC. You have to get used to the fact that it is not possible to control every single parameter of a synth through CC - and CCs weren’t even designed to allow this. CCs are a simple interface to automate the most common parameters. If you play by the MIDI rules (at least the intentions…), editing is supposed to be happen through SysEx or NRPN.

with xx i meant the number of pots, like 32 or 40.
i think to have them in the matrix is ok.
and if not, i better find out about NRPN then!

Well, if you can convince Ableton (maker of the otherwise excellent Live, my sequencer of choice) to support NRPNs, rather than actively filtering them out, pichenettes, I might agree with you…