New Eurorack Album: Jogging House - Self


Hey MI users,

I’m very excited to share my new album ‘Self’ with you. It was completely made with my Eurorack System and FX Pedals. Recorded and mixed in Ableton Live.

Nearly all of the sounds went through Clouds - and Rings played a major part in every track. A uBraids is also part of the team.

The album is released via my label Seil Records which also put out Interlaken’s beautiful MI-only album ‘Versaux’. For the first two weeks, ‘Self’ will be available as a free (name your price) download. And there is also a limited tape edition with super sexy pink cassettes :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy it.

Here is a foto of the setup:


Are those blind panels Des Petits Hauts?

My wife loves them!


I’ll check the music later of course :slight_smile:

But hey it’s not every day we can do some fashion-spotting on a Eurorack forum.


Those are very cool looking but a bit different I think. My blinds are from a little arts and crafts booklet that holds several card boards in various designs. The brand is called ‘Paper Poetry’. Maybe one brand got inspired by the other.

Even though I want to fill up my case eventually, I dread the day when there won’t be any fruit-blinds. They make me super happy :slight_smile:


gave it a listen when it popped up on my bandcamp feed. great album, love it! Very much in line with the previous release as well.


Hey, thanks a lot for the kind words. Super happy you like it :slight_smile:


finally got around to listening through this today (interrupted by uh…wimbledon)…really enjoyable and rich recordings!

and yeah I’d go for some more colorful blind panels in my life!


Hey, thanks for checking out the album. I’m very glad that you like it. (and the blinds :slight_smile: )


Great release; love it.

Oh, those are some really sweet patterns. I was looking for a anniversary gift for my wife and this looks just perfect. :slight_smile:


Awesome. :tada::confetti_ball::balloon:
Thanks for checking it out.

I really enjoy the little awards that you can earn in the new forum. Very gamey.


Really, really enjoying the record!

I really feel like the percussiveness of a lot of the “voices” sounds great. Things like the metallic hits 1:00 in to Language, 0:54 seconds into Sheets…really there’s similar sounds all over the album. Do you typically use an optomix channel striked for that kind of thing?

The other thing I’m really into is the way things feel “loose” but not falling apart. How are you coming up with the gate patterns?

Also I’ve been thinking about an analog oscillator of some sort for my set up and noticed you have a pair of STOs and a pair of Dixie 2+s. Do you tend to find yourself reaching for one over the other in certain situations?


Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

I will try to answer your questions as good as I can:

  1. I almost never use the strike inputs of the Optomix, they’re not my thing. But the Optomix itself is great for that. I’d say the most important thing is a snappy envelope. Especially when you are using vactrol based VCAs. Both of my Env-Types, Maths/Functions and the System X Envelopes are super snappy. A slower Envelope into a Low Pass Gate might lead to dissapointment when trying to make percussive sounds.

  2. That one’s a bit harder to explain. I can’t tell you how I come up with them, it’s just what I feel. But technically speaking, try to combine straight and loose sources and experiment with them. I only have the two SQ1s as sequencers. So I usually run out of gates that I can freely place very fast. So I have to use other gate sources. There is Pam’s New Workout that does e.g. Euclidian stuff. And the Nano Rand has a gate out. Those are still in sync but a bit more odd. And then there are the EOC triggers on Maths and the gate/pulse outs on LFOs. Those are completely loose. So I try to set up a frame with the more controllable sources and add the loose ones to taste. Also, I usually have the other sounds going before I add percussive elements. The sounds will tell you were things should be placed. And very importantly: patch standing up. Your body will feel if a groove works.

  3. I was asked this a few times and I can’t tell you which one I like better. Both are great. The STO is more old-school while th Dixie is more precise. But if it’s your first analog VCO, I’d say go with the Dixie. It’s just a great package. Many outputs, an octave switch, PWM, it’s super stable and tracks great. And it sounds really good. Also buy a little tuner like the Korg Guitar tuners with it. It’ll make life easier.

Hope this helped. Let me know if you have further questions.

BTW: The sounds you mentioned were both made with Braids if I remember correctly. One of the wavetable modes.


the SQ-1 is a great “base” for building patterns out of. there is hardly a better $/€ value in eurorack, especially as it takes up 0hp.

for folks with lots of MI in their instrument, I’ve had a good time with gate sequences from SQ1 -> Branches -> Peaks gate mods (delay or burst). the burst mode in Peaks is something I’ve rarely seen talk of and it’s magic. add a passive OR module to bring this spread of gates together and patterns can get nice and stumbly without feeling “just random.”

Braids wavetable voices are magic, you’ve found a lot of good spots in those maps. in general the voices used on these tracks reflect the lazily off-kilter patterning well.


@boboter @billygomberg I’ll have a look at the euclidian stuff that I haven’t really played around with too much on my Teletype, the EO* gate outputs on my Rampage, and the peaks burst mode–very helpful suggestions.

After writing my original post, I had some fun experimenting with using an envelope from the rampage to ping both a low-pass filter and an exponential vca to get some sort-of LPG stuff going on. Was able to get some interesting percussive effects coming out of my new Warps and the Sid Guts Deluxe.

I lent my SQ-1 out, but I’m missing it–gonna try to get it back. It really is a fun device.


Gently bumping this, as today is the last day to download my album for free. Just sayin’ … :man_astronaut:


Just bought the cassette on Bandcamp! Can’t wait to get home and download for a thorough listen!


Thank you! Let me know how you like it.


sounds beautiful!
reminds me a little bit of jörg burger’s bionaut and triola stuff - which i love.


Thank you! Never heard of those albums but I will definitely check them out.


i’ll admit that the similarity is probably rather remote, possibly entirely subjective.
a certain airily serene quality to the sound.
success in being unashamedly beautiful without degenrating into kitsch.
but yes, the bionaut and tirola are definitely worth checking out. very important aspect of the cologne sound of the mid and late 1990s - which wasn’t all ‘minimal funk’ but also had this ‘pop ambient’ side…