New creation by hackme early december

hackmeopen new product
i liked their rockit synth a lot though i don’t own one myself but i had the chance to lend one from a friend.
i’m really curious about their new creation whatever it might be. not sure if it will be open source/hardware (actually it doesn’t look like that).

Cube synth?

Cool, wonder what’s cooking? Keeping an eye open.

Stay tuned. there it is. though i’m not too excited about this i hope people make it happen. i for one spend 25$ to support it and get a shirt :slight_smile:

That’s a cool controller! Seems the name is changing to Vectr, Theremax is already taken, isn’t that a Paia product? Pledged, this is a worthy addition to my Eurocrack!

this is going to be the module that pushes me to 9U. Ah well. I have the Rokit and the Sprokit already so this was inevitable.

My black as Death Vectr came in post today! Only been home an hour, but so far I managed to piss family off left, right and Centr. This thing is fun!

I had to get the black version so that it fits the MakeNoise controllers. It was surprisingly skiff-friendly too. Guess I have to get acquainted with it now :slight_smile:

As a bonus - it slunk thru customs sans trouble. Gotta love that.

Man I hope mine gets here soon too! Darth Vectr for me too!

Got mine today - yay !
No slunking though customs for mine though …

And fun to play with it is !