"New" Clouds - old firmware/Parasites installed?

Hi, I bought Clouds new on Saturday. Not had huge amounts of time with it yet, but I noticed it goes into mode select mode after holding the black button down for way less than the cited 5 seconds, and that there are apparently more than four modes available (the yellow LEDs have more than four combinations). The box looked old and the manual was a bit a battered, but a finger toy was present and correct.

Any ideas?

Parasites has been installed.

Pft, thanks. Feel like returning it out of principle but then I’d be Cloud-free for a bit…

Why return it? What’s stopping you from just re-installing the original firmware?

As I said, out of principle. It was sold to me as a new item, at a new price.

Before returning it, I would ask for a discount. If Parasites has been installed, it is definitly a used module!

Yeah, that’s what I’ve done. Original firmware on, unit calibrated, email sent :slight_smile: