New Cassette Album ; Robert T " Spectrum"

Hi gang, I was approached by a canadian Tape label to see if I wanted to put out a * proper* tape release, so I agreed and we went through my archives of the last 2 years and I also created 3 new tracks and here it is :

All Live in 1 take, all hardware , all Robert T

Bonus! I was also interviewed by the CBC regional radio station so if you want to hear how a British guy who grew up in California who now lives in Canada sounds , here is your chance , 9 minutes of me talking about synths and how electronic music helps my mental health

Cool. Congrats on the release. Just ordered a tape. Hopefully I can listen to the interview this afternoon.


Nice! I will pick one of these up later today. Now, I just have to find a cassette player! Surprisingly difficult these days.

Yes! I scoured craigslist and kijiji and didnt find anything worthwhile , and it turns out a good friend of mine had traded one in the day before I visited him so he called the pawn shop and told them to cancel his appraisal and I swung by there on the way home

So I scored a Nakamichi BX100 for nothing! my pal wouldnt let me pay him anything for it :slight_smile:


cassette purchased!

Nice work Robert :wink:

Thanks !!

Very nice music man! Keep up!
I also enjoyed the live video session!
Btw I too have a micro modular and i totally love it!