New Book: Make Analog synthesizers

Make: Analog Synthesizers

This was published today. I bought a copy and initial impressions are very positive. Plenty of clear explanations and diagrams for a relative newbie like myself, without it degenerating into the obvious (Except, strangely, there’s a whole chapter on Audacity, which seems redundant).
It does go into quite some detail, for example an appendix dedicated to LM13700.

Ah, I was wondering when Ray’s book was getting released. Must buy!

@stimresp its website still says it would be published May. Where did you purchase it ?
Is it a digital copy ?

You can instantly purchase and download the book at the link above!

All of this info has been on the net for years , but nice in book form.

True perhaps, but I’m used to reference books, being a pre-internet child.
Something like this

@stimresp I agree, I actually collect books,vinyl …and I live in Yorkshire ;-).

I like the feeling of books if they’re on good subjects etc. It’s difficult to pass on knowledge about very specialized subjects if the web pages you used to reference suddenly goes plonk.

I had a scare when some of the good old pages from Scott Bernardi disappeared a little back. People have made complete backups of Jürgen Haibles site and so on. Buying a book is also a good way to support the DIY cause :wink:

I like to have books around, I am a child of the pre-internets too.

But! I also value digital copies on my ipad to have next to me while I work!

@varthdader Thanks for the tip. I bought the book :slight_smile:

I found this coupon code


for o’reilly website which gives you %50 discount on all ebooks so instead of 17.99 $ I paid 8.99 $

Wow nice coupon!

I found another one, can´t remember it, but it is clearly shown on the first pages of the pdf preview sample and gets you a buy 3 pay 2 books (any digital or paper).


Yes coupon is OPC10 for 3for2

I think this topic should be moved to “and now for something completely different”


Thanks for the coupon :slight_smile:

is the coupon usable by more people?

There’s one way to find out…

Yup, it is.

@rumpelfilter Yes it can be used. It is public coupon but do not know about validity date so hurry up.

thanks! Got it. Don’t think I’ll ever build a synth from scratch, but I think it might not hurt to know more about the inner workings even just to design the panels for them.

coupon used! thanks

I never built a synth from scratch either, but I would love to fool around with some IC´s and my Breadboard Friends modules!

Bought the book, and downloaded the e-book right away.

I think it´s useful for building up my parts stock, since I have huge shipping costs anyway, adding these extras to have around adds very little to the order total.