New Anushri - New Questions (Filter tuning, CV inputs, drums)

So I’ve already had a lot of fun with Anushri since finishing the build yesterday. After going through the manual and forums I think I have a good grip on operations, except for the following.

1. I want to tune the filter. The manual says that when sync is activated and VCO picth is lower than the DCOs, there will be no oscillator output.
I read the the DCO follows MIDI note, so how do I make the VCO pitch lower? I’ve tuned it down all the way but I still hear it. What am I missing?

2. Regarding the CV inputs, I am being very cautious as I was told that voltages above +5V or below 0V will fry the ATMega. Are these absolutely hard limits or is there a slight leeway. The reason I ask, apart from my fledgling knowledge of CV, is that I have a Koma Kommander. It goes from 0 up to 8 volts, but this can be attenuated by means of trimmers on the rear. I gather the best way to calibrate this is by using a multimeter to measure the output from the Koma. Is there anything else to consider?

3. What’s a good cheap source of the mini cables required?

3. In the drums section, when I tweak the tone of either snare or hats, the decay of the BD always resets to the same value (longish decay). Is this normal?

Thanks in advance!

#1 the tuning of the filter has nothing to do with the VCO or DCO. You may want to tune your vco to follow exactly1V/octave when using CVs though.

#2 Having CVs out of the ATMegas Vcc Range will fry it on the Shruhti - gladly the Anushris CVs are all decuopled from the ATMega and run into virtual Ground so you wont fry anything with standard Modular ±10V, although you shouldn’t run Mains thru it…

#3 Solder them yourselves is cheapest but maybe not worth your time. Many suppliers offer 25pcs bulks (thats how i got mine) - a N/2 amount where N is the total number of Jacks on your System has been proven to work. Get some more, your Setup is most likely to grow fast.

#4 No. Maybe you have a Short somewhere, check everything around the 4051 #1 (IC17). Check your stacking connectors, too.

1. Another way to disable the VCO / DCO for filter tuning is to set the DCO/Sub level to 0 ; and set the PW control to its higher value.

2. You can send voltages within +/- 15V into Anushri’s CV inputs.

Fantastic guys, thank you.

Ok, I sorted the Filter tuning. Also plugged in the Koma Kommander and it’s working as expected :slight_smile:
I think I’ll make my own cables. Will these plugs do?

Re: The Bass drum decay resettung, I went through the boards carefully scanning for shorts, but to no avail. BTW I am changing the decay via MIDI CC. I will keep looking.

Thanks again!

Chcek for the Plugs, you should connect both rings to GND as some cheaper Modules have only one Finger that connects to the Ring and thats not always far to the base…

There is nothing to check… Once you touch any of the front panel knobs affecting drum parameters, it overrides any setting received by MIDI.

Ok no problem, I can work around that. Everything else is just fine. Many kind thanks again!

I’m interested in knowing where to get cheap patch cables too! have any links?

Thomann has nice 25pcs Bulk offers but sometimes is cheaper even without Bulk

@ rumpelfilter
im ordering some things from here and there after my holidays - we can do the usual hub thing if you like :wink:

That’s the best price I’ve seen, but I think I’ll stay on the DIY philosophy and make my own…

Who wants to share a 25 Pack of these with me?

@fcd72: oh yeah! let’s do that!