New Anushri - everything works but MIDI?

Hi Everybody,

Yesterday I finished building an Anushri from a kit. This is the first time I’ve built anything so when I plugged it in, pressed start and heard sounds right away I was exited … but the MIDI input does not seem to work. I re-soldered one joint that looked a little fishy but to my untrained eye I don’t see much of anything wrong. I’ve tried messing about with the synth and the onboard sequencer and everything else seems to be working. Does anyone have any clues of things I could check?


Check voltage on pin 6 of the 6N137. It must be equal to +5V and drop to a lower voltage whenever MIDI messages are sent (try sending many messages by continuously moving the pitchbend).

As I have no advice, I have a place to point until the Masters comment:

While looking at pictures trying to figure out which pin was #6 of the 6N137 I realized the orientation of mine was the reverse of what I could see in one of the larger pictures. After I flipped it around MIDI seems happy. Thanks for the help.