New Ambika filter

As said in another thread HERE I made upgraded versions of the SMR4 and 4P filters.
But I am working on a new filter as well.
I’ll keep you updated.
Stay tuned !

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Sounds exciting!


SEM filter please :slight_smile:

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^ +1

Well…as said in the other thread, I am working on a multimode version of the SMR4.
Unless you guys absolutely want a filter designed around the CA3080 as in the SEM, a multimode SMR4 should be quite close…


OK, here are some news…
The schematics are finished.
And so far, all I can say is it might be the most expensive Ambika’s voiceboard to date because of some hard to find obsolete parts.

Here it is…

Its name is pH-0. :wink:
I should receive the 1st PCBs next week.
I’ll let you know how things turn out.

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If i can give one tip or request.
Add a trimmer for tuning the resonance.
There is a trimmer for tuning the resonance for v/oct. But not one for tuning the different voicecards to each other.
The ladder filter voice cards from TubeOhm Andre have this feature and it’s really nice if you want to make poly patches with tuned resonance.

Is there a chance of seeing the SEM filters? Id love to pop one in my ambika, hehehe…

Maybe you missed that…