New Ambika Editor : mac / pc / standalone / vst / au


I finished a first version of my Ambika editor that i can share .
Available here :

Click on the releases button to download the binaries.

It took me more time than expected to have it working as a plugin. You should be able to open a plugin per part for each of your ambika. And control them all.
Presets will be push as soon as you open your track.
You can also edit the sequencer notes and the multi data (voice allocations and perf buttons).
The editor exchanges midi events directly with the ambika, so you don’t have to setup any midi flow in your DAW which makes the usage quite easy.

Download it and test it for free, all features are available.
Please follow the paypal link from inside the editor and pay the requested 15€ if you find it usefull and decide to keep it. Thanks.

Let me know if you have any question, remarks,




I’m very excited about this editor. I got the stand alone editor to send changes to the Ambika, no problem. I am having an issue with when I hit Pull, nothing goes from Ambika to the editor. I have to check out my setup to see if there is a cable issue.

updated – I got it working. I did not have the Ambika MIDI-Out set to CTRL. It works fine now.

Also, unrelated I could not get the audio unit plugin to work under Logic 9 in OS X 10.12.6. It does not even appear. I put the .component in Audio/plug-ins/Components.

Thanks for the feedback, i always had problem with the AU plugins.
I confirm it does not work in the binaries i released.

I’ll investigate that,


This looks great, Xavier! Can’t wait to try it out.


I’ve uploaded new zips for macOS with a better/working AU component inside.
Reminder, binaries are available here :


Thank you so much. Ambika AU plugin loads right up in Logic 9, OS X10.12.6.

I tested the first two tabs (Engine and Modulation) and everything works exactly as expected.

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Do you need to use a separate dedicated MIDI interface for the plugin version to work, or is it possible to use a dedicated in/out port pair on the same physical multi-port interface the DAW is using (provided this port pair can be disabled so the DAW doesn’t see it)?

Does it pass through MIDI from the DAW to whatever MIDI ports are connected?


A dedicated in/out pair of one midi interface is enough, as you say provided that you disabled it in the DAW.
All midi events that are received from the DAW by the plugin are forwarded to the Ambika with the correct midi channel.
You should try it :wink:

I will :slight_smile:
Still looking forward to it (just haven’t had a chance to, yet)!


Would it be possible to request that the default settings for the modulations screen be the same as the init settings? I could just do a “pull” and save it as a starting point.

Also, would it be possible to request a YAM setting/choice for the Oscillator shapes names, where the oscillator shapes reflect the YAM version of the OS, next time you go to change or update the editor?

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Great work Xavier, thank you!!

@matrix12x that’s 2 good ideas.
I have to take a look at the modification YAM introduced.


this is awesome!

Looking forward to testing this and buying it. Thanks for all of your hard work.
YAM user also here so posting to keep in the loop if any changes relating to the YAM OS are added.

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Great Job!!! Looking foward for the YAM option too!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap:

Hey awesome! I was wondering if there is any way to extend support to OSX 10.6.8. I use an old Pro tools rig that prevents me from updating my OS.

No sorry it’s not possible.
Juce library makes binary for macOS 10.7 and newer.
I think it’s because xCode (apple official compiler) forbids C++ when target build is 10.6 and bellow.

Great plugin, thanx!
But I have a little problem in NI Maschine.
When I add FX in track I can’t listen Ambika with FX.
Only dry signal. When I turn off Ambika editor I can listen Ambika with FX.
In DAW everything is fine, when I add FX, I can listen to Ambika with FX.

This is great, thanks very much!

Only one problem observed so far: if I fire up a Logic project which has the plugin in it, and the midi interface which talks to the Ambika is not connected, the plugin (& Logic) crash.

Not sure how easy it is to fix, but would be nice, as sometimes I will already have bounced the Ambika to audio & just want to work on that.

@dimideo Sorry for the super late reply. Not sure i understand exactly your problem.
But the editor does copy the audio on its output. It’s midi only.
The Ambika audio must be routed on different tracks.

@grosun Thanks for your feedback.
I just tried with Live10 and StudioOne3 and it works fine (I don’t have Logic).
When the editor starts, if it does not find the midi device, it opens its window “Where is your Ambika ?”.
That happens during the loading phase of the project, which is what Logic does not seem to like.
Not easy to fix because that would require to refactor the initialization steps.

Oops i just realized i made the initialization test on PC. I’ll test on Mac later.