New album release, may contain Mutable Instruments modules

Hey all,

I hereby introduce you the first full length album from the projects Lalae meets Tiwakwaka.

These tunes are mainly issued from several jam sessions with my friend Lalae Idjidja. We worked on that material, shrinking into an album format, and adding small things here and there. We tried to keep the initial spirit of the jam as much as we could.

This was my modular set up:

With Strymon’s El Capistan and Bluesky. We also used a biscuit, a LXR and a MPC. As you can see, my main sound sources were Braids, Elements and also Two Drunks mode of Tides Parasite. Plenty of Mutable goodness here ! Patches weren’t too complicated as we tried to keep a live instrument approach. (no preparation whatsoever before jamming.)
My friend plays the Bass guitar and several keyboard sounds. (kontakt samples mainly).

Cassettes are available, but I must tell you, they are regular type I cassette, not your idea of a hi-fi quality. (you get the lossless download for that !)
Although still being an amateur’s work, we’re very proud of this and I hope you’ll like it.

Tiwakawaka meets Lalae Idjidja: in the depths of the ancient temple