Neon Shruthi-1, fancy knobs

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After taking a week to do school and psyche myself up for my first soldering experience in at least five years (my second one ever), after soldering the odd cap in the first step in the wrong place (nice way to learn to pay attention), and after freaking out over the Shruthi not recieving MIDI (solved by switching/reorienting/I don’t really know what worked/properly placing the chips) I proudly present to you my first home-build synth:

So happy and relieved it’s all working. I’m sure I have some cold joint that’s bound to backfire on me but fingers crossed. Thanks to Frank for the enclosure and especially for the awesome engraving job. Now after I’ve made some bleeps with this for a while I’ll see if I can’t add the flat top green led’s and get them to fit in the holes. Not taking unnecessary risks seemed like the wise thing first time around and I wanted it all to work before I started thinking about fit and finish. It was pretty nerve-racking. Can’t wait to see how it looks like in UV. Also considering filling in the engraving with green UV paint, unsure if that would be overkill. But then again I do like overkill.

(sorry for the instagram but I’m THAT COOL. When I get a nice camera and the LED’s sorted more pictures will be taken.)

Holy colored knobs batman!
I think I like the color combo.

In case anyone cares, they’re the ChromaCaps™ from DjTechTools, and they seem to fit quite smashingly. They are also squishy, which I like, and come in delicious colors.

Awesome color scheme. I am in awe!

Love the design on the case!

To quote Gordon Ramsey:“Fuckin’ Fuck!” This looks so awesome with the neon green knobs. Super. Now i have to build another one…

I predict a peak of orders on DjTechTools’ site from MI forum members. Maybe if there’s a way of telling them you come from this forum they’ll do something special and allow a bulk order?

Ill instantly reorder neon colors…

They do offer bulk discounts already, so some money could be saved, esp. if people are only ordering 4 knobs. Neon is all the rage these days (when is it not? really?). Glad you like it fcd, never would’ve happened without you and your input :slight_smile:

Maybe should move this to a proper thread. I for one will indulge in these for anushri

We can has some blacklight pictures kind sir?

At first I was like, colors are meh, then I looked at the awesome engraving job, the funky knobs and that black against that fluoro pink-red case is kick-ass! Guess that looking beyond the green LCD against the case to the whole thing it really popped.

Well done!

im in ur store buyin ur kn0bz

I’ll try to hook up some UV goodness when I get home :slight_smile:

I’m considering buying your store and it’s suppliers beatch! A bulk for Mutable would be nice. I’m game for that.

Anybody has gone through the process of designing a product like that, getting a mold done, picking materials, etc.? It would be awesome if there was an official Mutable Instruments knob!

Now that would be nice. :slight_smile:

yes , I am liking those for both the Anushri and my YM …


Mutable knobs… Perhaps a good use for them fancy new 3D printers… ?

It would be way cool if it could be transparent with something like the Re’an flexifit insert that allows both D-shape and T-18 shaft pots. The insert could be made fluororescent or transparent in different colors. Or if the knob had a transparent plastic core, and soft-touch rubber covering the rest except the optional line that would be lit with whatever is below the panel…

Wonder if you can combine PP+TPE materials that would also be transparent to some degree?

Someone in Shenzhen or Taiwan could totally make those for the kind of money us mere mortals could afford.