Need V2164D

Hi all,
does anybody in germany have the V2164D IC and is it possible to buy 1…2…3 ?
Hallo, hat jemand noch zufällig 1 bis 3 V2164D IC welche er mir kurzfristig verkaufen (und zusenden) kann ?
Wenn ich jetzt aus den USA bestelle dauert es 4…6 Wochen.




Just check for rosch’s for sale thread. I guess you will be satisfied.

I need one piece of it as well for the Oakley’s SE330. I was close to order to but if you find another source, please let me know (I’m also in Germany).


no problem, i have some left :smiley:

PM sent!

rosch sends them even before you manage to pay him !

rosch has sent them even before you know you would need them


Jawohl[TM] !

eelcofcd72 I confirm :wink:

@rosch rules recursively™

Hi Rosch, how i can get in contact to you. Please send me an Mail:


If anyone needs any in Canada I bought a tube-full but got diverted from soldering temporarily(by making “music”, shocking but this sort of backsliding from DIY can happen!), so can send a couple free to anyone who needs them…


Thank to rosch



Many thanks to rosch!

Hey, I know this thread is old…
I come from this thread and are curious if you still have some 2164’s to make me evalutate the 4-Pole Mission VCF design for my own synth?