Need some individual Stock Patches

Could someone save and send me patches 17-19? I’ve tried sending the factory_data.syx but I’m not having any luck. I know the MIDI interface (part of my Focusrite Saffire Pro40) sucks with large files. It can really only handle individual patches. It’d be greatly appreciated! Time for a dedicated MIDI interface I guess.

I have a Saffire Pro 26 and haven’t had any issue sending updates to the Shruthis. What software are you using for the transfer and what are the parameters?

Tried sending it slower with more time between packets?

250ms or more gap should help.

@ piscone & 6581punk, it has been discussed on other forums that the Pro40 has a pretty crappy MIDI interface. I’m using C6. I have tried at many different ms gaps, but it still fails. When the Pro40 is sending sysex files, it corrupts a packet here and there, regardless of the transfer speed. That’s the main reason why I bought an AVR programmer. I had a bricked MIDIpal and fought with the Pro40 for about 4 hours. Even individual patches don’t always go through. I may have to send it 2 or 3 times before it takes.

Yo, qp! Try these
(extracted using ShruthiFi from factory bank)

Well if there’s one thing you need with MIDI kit is it a reliable MIDI interface :slight_smile:

Thanks schrab! I completely forgot about ShruthiFi!

@6581punk, I generally run everything computerless, except for the occasional back up of individual patches. Flow: MIDI Keyboard > MIDIpal > everything else. It works great for what I’m doing, but, I have been looking for a good interface lately. Prolly gonna go with the midisport 4x4 to start with.

If you are running on MacOS X i only can highly encourage you to use an ancient eMagic AMT-8 MK2. Just plug it into a USB and everything else works instantly. Timing with Logic is MPCesque, Ableton is also more than OK and it works brilliant with C6, MIDI Monitor and MIDI Patchbay. Plus, you can polichain it with more Unitor-8 and AMT-8s for up to 64 Ports (yes, ports not channels). I wonder why nobody builds such rock solid hardware today. And its blue.

Wow, sounds like the Pro 40 is worse than the older version I have. The Focusrite stuff is flaky, I’ve seen a bunch of complaints on various forums, but it is disappointing that they haven’t made improvements.

Well the Ploytec GM5 seems to be the best MIDI chip around right now. But getting them is the hard thing.

The really annoying thing is it is just an ATMega with software on it. If only they would licence it.

Perhaps someone knows of an alternative?

@ piscione, the MIDI is flaky but everything else is pretty solid. I bought it primarily for recording. The A/D converters are pretty nice. I really like how our recordings sound. The MIDI was on the list when I was picking out a new interface but not required. I had a Lexicon Ionix 42 previously that was pretty nice with rock solid MIDI, but the USB crapped out on it.

I really don’t need a megaMIDI device. Not like I’m going on tour with deadmau5. Really, the only time I use MIDI IN/OUT from my computer is to update MIDI only devices, which, at the moment is Shruthi’s only.

@6581punk: The new GM5 bulk over at MIDIbox is up at over 200 of the required 250 chips for a new batch. If you haven’t added yourself to the list, please do so. I’m building a whole lot of these as I can stash them over at my friends so that we’ll always have rock-solid MIDI.

I suspect there will be enough takers this fall.

I’m on the list. I thought it was unlikely to ever get high enough being as most who needed them already had them.

Advertise it! There’s a steady influx of newcomers, but the MIDIbox forum has settled down a bit recently. The list is showing steady growth so I’m sure it’ll get there.

Would be nice if someone with a lot of experience with ATMega chips could write some open source MIDI firmware instead of the GM5 :wink:

GM5 rocks! This is my current interface and I don’t going to change anything. Maybe shrink the ports if bulk order happens - I’ve build it thinking that PC will be my sequencer, but I change my mind after building MB SEQ. Now PC is used for firmware upgrades only and 1 port is enough.

Can someone explain what makes GM5 fastest interface - unique code or using Atmega162’s hardware USB? Or both of this? =)

I’m convinced its magic. Only interface I have ever used that does not bog down with activity on all ports at the same time

Without any doubt it’s the fastest MIDI interface in the Universe!

Put my name up for the next order but who knows if that will happen. Should have been on this a few years back, however, you’d think there would be more open development of something by now.