Need some help with my DIY Elements

First of all I want to thank Oliver for his great work and his selfless mindeset to share all his Products with the community.

I started some weeks ago to build my oen MI elements. Unfortunately i’m stucking at the moment, It doesen’t wrork :frowning:
PCBs are from the original eaglefiles shared by Oliver. So I think thats not the problem. I checked all the relevant Voltages for the µC, and they are ok
What I can se so far, the crystal does not swing, this bring me tho my fist question.

  • Should the crystal swing even without an unflashed controller?

I have the feeling that my firmware is not built in a correct way. For some reasons for me it its not possible to built the Bootloader SW-Version
So i create the normal Hexfile. I can flash this version without any issues over the STM32 ST-Link Utility Tool. But anyway after flashing the crystal doesn’t start. This brings me to my next questions.

  • Is the Bootloader Version neccessary, or can I flash the only normal HexFile. (For my DIY Braids, it works in that way)
  • If it is Ok to flash only the Hex file, can someone send make a binary compare with my Version any a 100% working one?
  • If the Bootloader is neccessary, can someone built it for me?


Btw: for the right hint, there’s a little surprise :slight_smile:

The bootloader is necessary.

I assume you are not willing to send me the compiled Version? :slight_smile:

No support on DIY modules remember :slight_smile:

I know, but maybe there is some one else?

It would be better if you posted such requests for help elsewhere, such as the DIY forum on Muff Wigglers. Olivier has indicated repeatedly that he doesn’t want to receive or see any requests for support from DIY builders of this modules - which is an entirely reasonable position to take. Since this is his forum, if you post such help requests here he can’t help but see them.

The digital MI modules are 80% firmware. I tell anyone who asks for advice on DIY builds of them that the first thing you need to do is make sure you can build the firmware images, before you solder anything. If you can’t do that then you shouldn’t attempt the build. I also have a personal policy of not providing binary or hex images to DIYers of the MI modules - working out how to compile the code is just as important as being able to solder all those tiny SMT components.