Need some help implementing NRPN with the iOS app midi designer

hey all,

i’m trying to control the shruthi with the midi designer app, and i’m having trouble getting the NRPN numbers working (well, understanding them). everything that uses CC is working fine, so i know the connection is good.

this is what the NRPN screen looks like on midi designer, set up to control modulation source 1 on channel 2:

info taken from the manual which says: Modulation n source, 0-29, 32 + 3 * (n – 1), – (parameter, range, nrpn number, cc)

when i move the slider shruthi’s screen indicates that it is receiving midi control data, but nothing happens. at least not that i am able to pinpoint.

any insight would be greatly appreciated. i really want to share the layout i’ve made for the shruthi, but i don’t want to call it finished if i don’t have the mod matrix done properly :frowning:

EDIT: oh and also the message type can also be “NRPN (0-16k)” if that’s relevant. midi range values change to reflect that as well


Try NRPN 0-16383.

thanks! just tried it and still nothing. i think it is probably iOS app related, and i’m corresponding with the developer to try and figure it out. i will post the results if that leads to something fruitful

If you have a tool to monitor MIDI streams (MIDI monitor, MIDIOx), it would help to post a log of what is actually transmitted by the iOS app.

that is a good idea, i will definitely do that. i need to do it upstream of the live routing found native to mac os x though, as the developer of the app deduced that was causing the NRPN data to not transmit properly. by using one of his other tools for mac osx (mjdj), everything seems to be working fine now.


I succesfully use MIDI Monitor to track down MIDI Issues

Although I haven’t tried it yet, you can I think monitor MIDI streams on iOS using MIDI Wrench