Need new ATMEL for shruthi 1

Was talking in a forum earlier, and I’m 99% sure I need a new ATMEL chip. Does anyone know of anywhere (preferably U.S.) that I can track one down? All response are GREATLY appreciated!

The chip needs to be programmed with the Shruthi firmware, so the question is not how to get the chip, but how to get the firmware installed on it. Maybe Laurentide Synthworks could help.

@sheymonks – i can send you a pre-programmed ATMega644PA-PU for $15 – this is roughly a shipped price of this MCU at Digikey or Mouser plus shipping to continental USA from California.

Please PM me your PayPal email if you’r interested.

Bump! Anyone have a spare in Europe/willing to send to Europe?

edit: emailed Tubeohm and he provided one for 10 eur + 7 eur for shippping. Now only lacking some 1N34 Germanium diodes…