Need Mac testers for simple General MIDI app

I’m trying to get around Apple’s sandbox restrictions on the App Store for some of my existing apps that are there. The one in question is General MIDI Player. It’s a $2 app that lets you play the Mac’s built in General MIDI instrument using your mouse, QWERTY keyboard, or MIDI device. And yes, for those of you playing along, it’s built in Max. That’s a challenge in itself, getting Max apps on the Apple App Store…

I have version 1.3 ready which adds some features, but I need testing re: the sandbox stuff, in particular whether a wide variety of USB and/or Firewire MIDI and Audio devices work. So, requirements:

  • Mac OS 10.6.6 or later
  • At least one audio or MIDI controller device (preferably one of each!) that connects via USB or Firewire. Also it would be nice if at least one or two folks responded who have Digidesign devices.
  • A willingness to test relatively quickly (like in the next 1-2 days). No extensive testing is required, basically does the thing recognize and respond to MIDI (as well as the other modalities, mouse and QWERTY), and does it put out audio through your audio device.

So as not to pollute Olivier’s forum more than I have already, please send me an email to dan { a t } defectiverecords . com , reference this Mutable posting, and tell me what your MI forum username is, as well as what devices above you can test with. Depending on what those devices are, we’ll go from there. Beyond the beta copy, I’ll happily give you access to a full version of the new version of the app if/when it gets on the App Store.

Last call folks - I had a few volunteers (thanks who have helped, but I need a few more. It will literally take you less than a few minutes to do the testing I need. Just download from a link I send you, install using a regular old installer, and see if your MIDI controller works, and if you get audio out of your USB or Firewire audio device. Then send me an email back. Easy)!

Or go at it mad scientist style and proudly report that the software now recognizes hidden MIDI CCs coming out of most blenders produced in the late 1980s via a patch I created on MIDI bridge =)