Need help with Shruthi-1 original patches

Hello all, I’m an amateur synth-enthusiast, and last year, I completed building the Shruthi/Phoenix-XT (from TubeOhm). I wanted to make a minor modification that would allow me to load sequences while notes were being played, and I found a modified firmware with the sequencer hack here on the forum that worked well for me. I flashed it to my XT via Sysex. There was one problem though: I had already built a small collection of my own patches that I’d saved… and I wasn’t sure if those patches would be wiped out by the flashing process. I’d read that it was OK to take out the memory chip before flashing, so that those presets could be preserved. However, after the flashing was done and I pushed the chip back into its socket, the first 18 patches are completely BLANK! I tried re-flashing the original firmware v1.02 with the memory chip in place, but it did not restore the original patches from 1 to 18. Not sure what I’ve done wrong here, but it would be nice to get those patches back. Any suggestions?

I do like using the Shruthi-Editor-1.03 (by Manuel), coz it’s very user-friendly and allows me to view the patches’ settings as well… so, if anyone here could share the .syx files for the first 18 original patches, then I could upload them back to my Phonenix via Shruthi-Editor… that would be great and much appreciated!

Where have you read this? It would be very, very, very odd if an AVR programmer - a device sold in the 10,000 of units and made by a large semiconductor company - somehow knew how to erase the memory chip of a specific model of an obscure DIY synth.

So no, you don’t have to remove the EEPROM chip when programming the main processor. There’s no way the programmer is going to know about its existence and erase it.

The first patches disappeared simply because they are not stored on the memory chip, but in the built-in EEPROM located on the main processor. Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to restore them now - except maybe transferring them by SysEx and saving them manually.

Greetings Olivier! First, allow me to thank you for designing and creating such an awesome DIY synth… I’m amazed by the engineering marvel that is the Shruthi-1! :slight_smile:

And thank you for clearly explaining about the preset patches. Regarding the statement I made about removing the EEPROM chip before flashing: sorry if I stepped on any toes here, but I didn’t say or imply that it was mentioned by the AVR prog manufacturer… I did read this suggestion online, possibly on another Synth forum. Can’t remember which one now exactly, but if I find the link, I’ll post it here.

Yes, I did think of transferring the first set of patches via Sysex and manually saving them. If someone here would be so kind as to upload or send me the sysex files for the first 18 patches only, I would be MOST grateful!!

Any takers? I just need the first 18 banks and I could flash the presets using either Shruthi-editor or maybe even Shreditor… if anyone here could help me out, I’d appreciate it!

I need to check it I still have those somewhere, I remember that I also erased the first 18 by mistake, but I can’t remember if I got them back.

Oh, that’d be great! Please let me know if you do have those patches, thanks in advance Papernoise! :slight_smile:

I think I found something, but I can’t say for sure if it’s the right file, see if this works.

shruthi-factory_data.syx (37.5 KB)

Make a backup of everything you don’t want to loose before uploading these!

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Thanks a ton, Papernoise! :slight_smile: Will flash this as soon as I can and let you know how this goes…

OK, I got something weird to report, lol. So I gave this a shot over the weekend, I uploaded the syx to my Shruthi-XT using C6 and it’s the weirdest thing: only certain patches at regular intervals seem to be completely revived, for e.g., Patch#s 1, 5, 9, 13, 17 (all spaced at intervals of 4 patches between the other). For the rest of the remaining patches that were also blank earlier, the SEQUENCES have been loaded properly, but neither the synth voices nor the patch names have been loaded at all! :sweat_smile: Has anyone else faced such a strange situation when loading syx patches like this before??

It’s because you are sending the patches too fast.

So the synth receives the first patch, then saves it… And during the interval it takes to write a patch in EEPROM, your SysEx program is sending patches 2, 3, and 4…

Use a larger pause between packets - that’s something you can configure in your SysEx librarian program.

Awesome, thanks for the suggestion, that worked! :slight_smile: