Need help to find what's wrong

Hello all,
I assembled my shruthi-1 last night but it doesn’t seem to work well:
When the pole jumper JP3 is at position 2, I have some sound.
When the jumper is at position 4, I only have a ‘pop’ when pressing a key and a very very small sound.
When I’m trying to tune the Reso trimpot there is no oscillation at all at both position 2 and 4.

I double checked the position of all componments and solder bridge.

I haven’t sleep enough the two last weeks because of work, and that’s probably the main problem.

thank you.

Check for bad soldering joint or wrongly oriented parts around IC9 (the second LM13700). It looks like the first 2 poles of the filter are working, but the next 2 ones (handled by IC9) are kaput.

The platypus that came with the kit found the problem, wich was a bad soldering joint but in the front side of the board (don’t ask me how I did that ).
Anyway thank you!

This little beast has a fat sound!