Need help please

Hi I’m new to modular and I want to start my new system with braids and clouds, what else would I need to get a basic system going with just mutable instruments parts.

They’ll need modulations -> Peaks
Some of Clouds’ inputs do not have attenuverters -> Shades
You might also add Links.

What do you plan to use to control it? Something with CV/Gate outputs? Or MIDI? If you plan to use MIDI, then you can add Yarns.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

There’s no rules generally. Depends if you want to make a traditional synthesizer or drones and noise.

if you’re into short and percussive sounds you could also consider streams. Though you can also use Braids internal modulations. Anyway I suggest to start small and then add new modules as you hit a wall with what you want to achieve. If you want to stay clear from computers you’ll need a sequencer of some sorts.

Drones and noises all the way :slight_smile:

But then I could use braids as a synth

define synth :slight_smile:

Links is one of the best things in the wold. Mine is almost always at least 2/3 full. But I might add that I don’t believe in stackable tele jacks…

For drones you could also consider something like Frames and adding a bunch more oscillators to the mix… you’ll need modulations that can get really slow and possibly lots of them. Peaks is really great for that, since you get a dual LFO with a lot of possible waveforms.

Peaks is great in lots of ways…
You’ll want more than one of them, though…


If money was not an option :wink: what would I need for a mutable instruments only rack.