Need distorsion-overdrive diy box

I need, how to say, little distorsion box in small dimensions and GOOD SOUND for “screaming” at 303 or Shruthi-1 LP filter tweaking :slight_smile:
Elementary project on mini PCB for small price of components.

Anybody have expirience wit building distorsion-overdrive box?
Please write me what you think is good and low price!

Tayda has one. Not difficult to find, and they probably sell all the parts. No experience with it.

As usual, good and low price are not always possible at the same time. Maybe it’s good, certainly it’s low price. Let us know if it’s useful, yeah?

Wow the choise is amazing!
So much good projects.
Thank you V`cent

Do make sure to let us know if any of them are good :wink: