Need advice to choose filter board for 3 sidekick

Hello community !
I have made my first 1 diy kit the shruti-1 with the smr-4 filter and now…
I have 3 sidekick pcb and now i have to choose with the many filterboard present on the shop !
My preference goes to the: 1st the dual 2nd the polivoks and 3rd the cem3379
But the return of experience is a little bit quick about the sidekick on the forum i made many research but i didn’t find what i need…
So i like to know about your experience with the sidekick and different filterboard specialy in assembly trouble and “eventualy” bug.
I hope i was clear this time mates :wink:
impacient to read your comments and i’m very sorry for my poor english

EDIT : I see a smr-4 mk2 is there one somewhere for me ? lol

Yo are aware that the DUAL SVF and the POLIVOKS Filter Topology are configured by Shruhtis Digital board and without some FilterModeSwitchamatron won’t work correctly with your Sidekick?

ok good to know ! yes i’m aware ;))) zamal inside…
But polivoks or dual can go on my shruti i like dirty sounds the polivoks intrest me so much !
i think i will get the polivoks to go on my shruti and take my smr-4 for a sidekick
So i’have two more choices i think one goes on the cem3379 for the simplicity and the other one i don’t know yet
I need more advice on this
fcd72 your a grea guy thx for your quickli reponse ,)

Try the SSM or Roland Filter, both are great.

I tried a Polivoks filter with a Sidekick the other day, and it was pretty cool! Olivier explained that it can be made more fully featured with the Sidekick quite easily. Apparently you can remove the 4053 (easy if you socketed it) and use 3 switches in its place. That way you can enable/disable the distortion, FM and switch BP/LP at will.
I think that would make for a great Sidekick!

the CEM3379 is certainly a good choice and not only for simplicity. it’s one of my favorite filters, together with the SSM2044.
i’ve no global experience though, as i haven’t finished the roland filter and no polivoks yet.
but i like them more than the dual SVF (which is unique in its own way) and SMR4.

YO! Rosch is alive!