Need a native English speaker to check me some texts

My usual guy for the job is on vacation and I really need someone to give a look at a couple of short texts. It’s for a compilation of experimental music from South Tyrol (where I live), which is a no-budget, no-profit project, but I am totally willing to give something (albeit maybe simbolic) as a thank-you present in exchange for the service. I might have several options to choose from like when I needed people to test the website.

So is there a native English speaker who is good in linguistic things and is willing to help me?

Send it over.

Oh great! Though I already owe you something… but yeah we’ll sort that out won’t we?

US or real English ? Like with an"L" in Solder? LOL


Or Canadian eh!

Oh, don’t start :smiley: Simplified English, or French English with lots of random occurences of u added? Actually the language didn’t get streamlined because of anti-French sentiments, just that Merriam-Webster wanted to push spelling reform to make it easier.

Then again, all those z instead of s…. Maybe us foreigners should kidnap both dialects and sanitiz/se them? Plus, your stinking alphabet lacks both å,ä,ö and ü (we Swedish don’t have that either, or n with squiggles on top).

Colonial English! rofl

and i always thought Møøg was from Scandinavia?

@fcd72: If you spell it like that it looks vaguely Danish… We should ask V’cent. If I write mög, it means trash, junk or dirt. It’s from the Scania part of southern Sweden. If I write mögg it’s kind of the same with a more up-Swedish slant.

That was today’s bizarro linguistic factiod about a language most of you don’t even speak. You’re welcome :wink:

Are we derailed yet? No? Hmm…

try harder!
still too much of the original thread. :smiley:
moog sounds like “like” in my dialect. “moog I” it would be as a whole sentence

Scania part of Sweden is best part of Sweden.

i’m a technical writer. mail me at oootini at yahoo dot com if you’d like…

If you need another volunteer, I’d be happy to help - no compensation necessary. It sounds like it’s for a good cause. (one grad linguistics course and lots of legal writing experience).

Altitude has done a pretty thorough work, but hey, I guess it can’t harm if more people read it.
So who wants can take a look at it here (also if you just want a preview of it):

I notice a number of extraneous commas. (30 years translation Japanese - English)

If you write Møg/møg it means trash in Danish as well… It’s more common language though, mostly used by builders/plumbers/steretoypical non-educated lower middle class people…

If you wrote måg(e) it would be a seagul…

I’d move the (Italien) in the German text to before the comma…

Some weird comma’s in the english text as well…

And Møøg means a huge pile of trash?

Well… Yeah, or that somthing really bad has happened (dropped modular cabinet on your foot for example…)…

Look, it’s a Møøg.

@ rumpelfilter: check the content also, not just the spelling and grammar. For example, is your artist nr 6 a stressfactor or a disruptive factor (Störfaktor) ?