Need a little help!


I just finished building the Anushri kit, having recently completed a Shruthi kit. However, it seems i cant get this one to work yet. When i power the unit, none of the LED light up. I presume at least one should light up to let you know what page you are on. I have checked all the power readings in the troubleshooting section, and everything seems ok. The switches are receiving voltage, and this is being sent to the 2 IC (74HC). I also checked the MCU and all seems to be working there…

Any ideas on what i should be checking next? I’m a bit lost in the woods and i’m all out of bread crumbs!


You should have had two LEDs lighting up, so something is wrong… Does it produce audio?

When I built my Anushri, I mistakenly mixed up the 595 with the 165 (IC 2 and 6). Double check all the ICs (with a magnifying glass). :slight_smile:

Sure enough two of my IC were in the wrong place! Oops.

@Admviolin thx m8, you saved me hours of head scratching!

No problem! Glad it works!