Namm 2017

I guess it’s time for some gear news discussion again :slight_smile:

I really like the idea used in the Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic of transferring samples (or is it synth presets?) thru the air via a speaker and a microphone. And i’ve always liked the sound of Tonic Drum Synth too.

So far the only interesting thing i saw

Defintely interesting…i always liked their approach, but not the sounds of their so-called rythm machine. I presume the PO-32 is a far better tool…now it comes down to the price.

I think the elektron box looks very promising. They are moving to new grounds here (I mean, it’s half the price point of their other units - apart from the Analog Heat). I wonder how you’re supposed to input notes into the midi tracks - how ever they do that, it can’t be very convenient.

DSI seem to get under a little pressure by the recent poly-synth-boom. I’ve seen many people moan about the low number of voices on their polys - now they actually adress that and the price is surprisingly low as well. I guess they are starting to feel the pressure from other manufacturers.

Does anyone get the OP-Z? I don’t see what that is supposed to do. It’s kind of everything and nothing at the same time. And almost no UI feedback apart from the app. It does video, audio, drums, synths, but what is it actually for?!

Hexinverter seems to be rehashing his old DIY modules as (presumably) non-DIY modules.

It’s a shame he seems to have stopped designing through-hole stuff now. Understandable, but I’d love to see kits of the BD9 and the new filter module.


Yes the OP-Z really lets me wonder what it is. I’ve always been curious for an OP-1 but never owned one. This seems to be some sort of follow up. If you could make music on it without the ipad next to it i would be interested.

I expected kind of stripped down “PRO 2” in the place of “Mopho x4” and “Evolver KB”… Damn it.

Too much competition in the low poly market, minilogue etc.

As for OP1 etc, I found the tape style sequencer to be too much hassle.

As far as I could get the OPZ seems to be a sequencer based synth with a computer or iPad-based UI. So instead of having the UI on the small display on the device, you need to carry around a bulky external device… it’s interesting in a way, but kind of weird as well.

The Elektron Digitakt seems interesting. A bit like a stripped-down (less memory, only one LFO, no performance controls) version of the Octatrack with a focus on drums. Doesn’t make much sense if you already have an OT I think… but as a sample-based drum machine it could be cool.
I guess you’ll input notes just like on the OT. Hold a step and turn the encoder or attach a keyboard and record it in real time.

I must say that so far NAMM hasn’t been really exciting for me, but I guess I’m starting to get a bit too demanding :slight_smile:

Namm hasn’t been too exciting for me either. Which is a good thing as it means I’ll not be spending a fortune on new kit.
I’ll have to nab that Disting Mk4 tho. It addresses all my gripes with the MK3 (IE, the frankly daft cryptic display)
And a PO-32 could be fun too… So, all in all, an inexpensive Nammass. Excellent!

Just bought a Disting Mk.3 a couple of weeks ago. Doh!


I sold a P08 weeks ago, good timing as the new ones will devalue the original P08.

@alx: i am quite shure your setup can handle an additional Disting :wink:

Well, I’d like one… but I long since ran out of space in my enclosure for any more modules.

Hasn’t stopped me buying them, though.

Hmmm, I may have a problem…


Let me make a suggestion - buy another case. C’mon, we all know that’s how it goes. :wink:

Oh, and I find those dreadbox boxes pretty interesting.

yeah the new poly dreadbox is interesting indeed. Will have to check more closely, might be an low-space-requirement alternative to the minilogue

Yes, but also the Nyx with its 3x slope generators. It’s nothing particularily new, but the flexibility to use them as LFOs or envelopes is pretty nice. Also, if you use a modulator as an LFO and engage the “hold” mode, that makes the thing an envelope that flips to an LFO when you release the key. Pretty interesting.

OP-Z looks like a budget evolution of the OP-1. It still seems interesting and I trust the guys from TE will come up with something.

I just don´t like the reliance on another gadget, and going screen less will either be too limiting or the whole video side of things will turn out to be a gimmick.

So worst-of-both-worlds.

The PO looks cool too but the price hike puts a dent on my enthusiasm. And the “lock” breakaway tab is a silly concept if it´s only purpose is to cut the ability to transfer new presets for ever (if I understood it right).

Intellijel´s 104 hp 7u performance case looks like a winner to me (630usd powered).

yeah the OP-Z removes all the advantages of having a hardware thing and possibly opens up every possible door to planned obsolescence.

The only piece I saw in the various reports that seemed a bit cool to me was the really stupidly-named Fabulous Silicon Paradigm Synthesizer. Everything else was either a toy or yet another re-hash of some piece of vintage gear.