NAMM 2014: Behringer Motor 61

Great looking Midi controller.

Motor encoders!

Similar specs to Novation Impulse 61, but motor encoders. Also, 449usd is not bad!

Oh, and it has MIDI din thru and Merge.

Design-wise, it looks pretty horrible, I have to say…


Might as well put motorized keys on it too, so we don’t need to play.

Design wise I agree, not the best looking, but I have always loved the motorized encoders!

MOTÖR? Design wise its like MakeNöize going hard rock bling bling….

Or motorized wheels so it can drive itself back to the factory when it breaks =)

Motorized Pitch and Mod wheel - use a servo instead of a spring, thats german engineering where even the rear view mirror is motorized, because its so hard to left your hand right to the roof….

It would be cool to have a sync between the parameter on the keyboard and the same parameter on the module.

This would solve the param. fetch debate on a Shruthi/Ambika