N.I. Maschine (Mikro) as a MIDI slave drum machine?

My stated goal is to avoid using software in my synth setup. That being said, I’ve noticed that one can get the Maschine Mikro for $199 since the new one is about to drop. For $199, you get Maschine, Massive and are entitled to the upgrade. Since I have no decent drum source (the RM1x is lackluster), Maschine might be fun. However, I’ve been unable to find useful information about using Maschine as a slave to a MIDI hardware sequencer (not MIDI over USB or virtual MIDI). Anyone out there use it this way? Does it sync well to the external MIDI clock? I posed this question to NI and received a wholly useless reply.


You are aware, that the Maschine is just a Controller that wouldn’t do anything without being attached to a computer that runs the Maschine Software? Without a Host Computer is as useful as a Brick musically seen.

Yes, the Maschine Micro is indeed useless standalone (ie. without a computer). The full version can be used as a Midi controller. However, I would recommend something else if you want computerless drums.


If he’s got bucks…but it sounds like he’s looking for a cheaper solution, assuming he.

Tempest from DSI ?

what are your cheap computerless drums solutions, shimoda?

Ah, I suppose I misspoke. I’m fully aware the micro is just a controller for Maschine. The price is cheap enough that I’m willing to break my “no PC/Software” rule; as of now, it’s in the same price range as an SR18, but magnitudes more powerful. My major concern is “How well will Maschine sync up with an external MIDI sequencer / act as a slave”?


P.S. I’m in the “no-bucks” category. I’d love a Tempest, but the cost is beyond prohibitive for me. That being said, I’m open to suggestions for affordable, computerless drums (that don’t suck). Since I have no clear favorite genre, a sampler type solution would seem to be the most logical choice. I’d love an 808 clone, but that is rather limiting, for example.

It’s up to your software, not to the controller. So it also depends on the software employed, your soundcard and your midi interface, I suppose…

I am of the same mindset. I’m a hardware guy and can’t be bothered with soft synths. But I bought Maschine earlier this year specifically for drums and like it.

Primarily I use it for either CR-78 (my favorite beatbox that I will never afford) or to tap in rock drum parts when I’m learning a new bass line.

Despite the absolutely tremendous library if sounds and loops, I can’t be bothered with any of the synth sounds. It has very good integration with the UA UAD-II, the best I’ve seen but to be honest, I just have one channel for the RE-201 Space Echo, one for an EMT Reverb and one for a Roland Chorus; I don’t mess with it beyond that.

As a control surface, it’s very good and decent build quality for the money. I Send Midi clock to a Doepfer Midi->Sync converter that drives my analog sequencers and clock dividers and while mmc from a start/stop MSG is concerned, it works well. Unfortunately, the version I am running continuously sends clock even when stopped. (I received a license from NI for a free upgrade and will check it out).

I’ll look into clock slave tonight and post if nobody beats me to it.

To add info, my setup includes the RM1x as my main sequencer and I have the Akai Max49 keyboard that includes it’s own basic 16 step sequencer, arpeggiator and MPC style pads. Would be awesome to be able to trigger Maschine from the Max49 pads. Honestly, I don’t sequence as much as getting my various modules on the same master clock and just riffing/jamming away.


PS. Since the Mk1 Mikro has dropped in price and is entitled to the upgrade, they’re selling fast. I have to make the buy decision rather quickly.

If you have positive thoughts, I would go with them re the mikro. For a couple of reasons, including a full version of Massive that comes with it, a good sound set, etc. The pads are pretty nice, much better than the MPK61 pads in that they are much more sensitive.

Re: cheap drum solutions, 5 gallon buckets and some rocks.

I’m hoping OSX drivers are bit better about MIDI timing / latency than Windows. Is there any truth in this? I’ve recently made the switch from Linux / Windows to a MacBook (not Pro).


If you are just after good/unique/flexible Drum sounds and don’t need a separate Box with all these Pads etc try the EMU Procussion. I got mine for 55€ and am wondering how i ever could have done without one.

Theres also those “Nord Drum” or Nord drums or whatever they were called… That would enable you to go computerless + they seem to be quite cheap second hand (not 199 cheap though)…

On the other hand, I can nab an Akai S2800 for $99…


I’m just an impatient fellow. I just nabbed a decked out (all I/O options) Akai S2800 for $131 USD, shipped. This keeps me away from the dreaded PC.

E4X with 20GB HD and 128MB ram for 145 € here. I have the original bill which says 11,970 DM (approx 6320€).

…now I need to figure out a floppy to CF / USB / SD adapter or use the SCSI port…

Mhmmmmm SCSI… I’d go with the adapter…
DX.com has pretty much any adapter you could want, although delivery time can be quite long, depending on product+customs where you live… eBay has that sort of stuff as well… :slight_smile: