Mystery Mutable Module?

I was browsing Reddit and came across a post of Richard Devine’s live rig which had something that looks like a mutable insument’s module but I couldn’t recognize. I understand that he has many customized MI modules (so many micro braids!) but there is something labeled Plarls (Plaris?) in the top right row. Is that module an oddity or a prototype or something?

Looks like a new module!

It says ‘frequency’, ‘harmonics’, ‘timbre’ and ‘morph?’ at the knobs
It seems to say ‘model’ near one of the inputs

What could this be. Another sound processor/oscillator combination like rings ?

Somthing FM or phase distortion thingy?

It certainly looks like an MI product.

It doesn’t look like the upcoming product Olivier teased on Facebook a while ago. Could it be an early version of an existing product, perhaps?




I noticed in this video around 23:00 minutes this was covered in tape to obscure it. You can remove my post if you like, I was just curious.

Well, “Plaits” is a synonym for “Braids”…

I had not made that connection before, thank you for the observation.

You can try as hard as you want, r/MrRobot will always have better theories :slight_smile:


A clue! To the search engine…

It can’t be Plaits, because that name has already been taken… (prototype “hyper-Braids” that never went much further, from late 2015 or early 2016 I recall, running on an STM32F405 processor, by Patrick Dowling, name by me):

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I was expecting to see something additive from MI. The labeling could work for an additive module.

#*+¥, I’m fiddling around with an additive firmware for Elements. I was almost expecting Olivier to come out with something that makes my efforts obsolete before I even finish, lol.

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