My wooden case!

Finally I’ve gotten rid of my horrible cardboard box and made a real case for my Shruthi!
It took something like 10 hours of cnc-milling and a couple more of modelling, and I still have a few more hours of post-processing before it’s ready for use :slight_smile:

Pictures and such here

If anyone is interested in building a case like this, here is a .rar with the Rhino model and a dxf-export of the same.

But you need some more purging air with your laser to prevent bleeding the smokes onto the wood…

What’s the big CV3 / CV4 hole for? A Korg Prophecy style “joystickibbon”?

That looks great!
I remember seeing the cardboard version some months ago, and I think I shed a tear… haha. So this is a hell of an upgrade!

fcd72: Well, I am… Wouldn’t dare to run it without it. This lazer is a muy powerful and smoking one… :slight_smile:
But no worries, The engravings are deep, so I’ll sand down the miscoloration and huff and puff until it’s clean, (hopefully) it won’t show when it’s finished.

pichenettes: Yep, a Roland bender from an old, broken Edirol PCR-A30 USB soundcard/midicontroller. That’s about the only thing worth saving from that piece of junk. It only has 5k pots though, so I’ve long been thinking of switching them for 10k’s, but my friend STG suggested that we modify the code instead (he’s such a coder) to increase the range of CV3 and 4. What would you suggest?

Luap: Hehe, yeah… I did put some effort into the cardboard version, and it did work… I’ve had my Shruthi with me on festivals and stuff, never any problems. It was almost water tight with all the wood glue I used :slight_smile:
But, it’s definitly a step up with this one!

Unfortunatly, I’m going back home tonight… So no more time in the workshop for a month or so. The Shruthi and box are now sitting in pieces in a dark room, awaiting my return… :confused:

Edit: Oh, and I noticed something when I was looking at the pictures… I seem to have forgotten to mill something. Can you spot what it is? :slight_smile:

Changing the value of the pot won’t change the range of the CV - a 5k pot connected to GND / 5V will still act as a voltage divider and will yield a voltage between 0 and 5V.

LED holes? :wink:
I look forward to seeing it finished!

Luap: You win a year of Internets! Stupid of me to forget to export them in the final nc-files. :stuck_out_tongue:

pichenettes: Oh… I understand… It just felt as if the bender had about half the range of the 10k CV2-pot that I also had installed, and the pots in the bender was 5k. I’m guessing there’s no more room in the code for a menu somewhere to globally set the range of the CV’s? :wink:

You don’t need to change any code, the 5K pot divides the voltage just the way a 10k (or any other Resistance) so theres no difference.

If you feel it has another range, it might be a Logarhitmic Pot - try checkin if theres a “lin” or a “A” Mark on the Pot, if so its “Linear” (the right) type, if not it might be a nonlinear type - you then should consider swapping it.

And now for some dirty offtopic LaserEngraving Tricks: if you already put the maximum available air on and still have bleeding, try changing the nozzle so it produces a vortex… since i changed mine i need much less air - hence its quieter - for the same result. Looking at the pics you have a rather linear type of air, all the bleeding is in one direction…

It’ll be a month before I can do any more work on it, but I don’t think it’s a log-pot.

Yes, the airflow is quite linear, will forward your tip to the gnomes in the workshop :slight_smile:

Regarding the CV scaling menu: there’s no room for it and since you’re going to be the only one to use it it’s not worth it.

This is where the CV is read and copied to the mod matrix entries

analog_inputs.Read returns a 10-bit value (0 to 1023), the mod matrix is 8-bit (0-255), hence the >> 2. Up to you to have do a check on “current_cv” (0 to 3 for CV 1 to 4) and scale the value accordingly.

Snyggt Pakir!
Now, can you say no to us when we want wooden end cheeks for our builds? :wink:

You’re always so helpful Olivier, thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll take a closer look at it next time i travel south…

Lindeborg: Tack! Menar du typ gavlar? Det behöver man ju knappast cnc’a ut, hehe.
Men visst, lite pengar för mödan så kan jag nog fixa det till dig :slight_smile:

Happy new year everybody! Gott nytt år allihopa!

Precis Pakir, gavlar! I started to think of CNCed end cheeks with grooves to put laser cut panels in, and such things…