My Tides (v1) seems to lose calibration every power cycle

Basically what the title says, I received this module used and the main frequency knob didn’t seem to produce expected results. Some google searching and reading other people having similar problems led me to perform the calibration procedure with two dummy jacks in level + FM and a uO_C generating the one and three volt signals into the v/Oct as needed.

This worked great, the module works perfectly, what a relief. However, I find that every time I power down my eurorack system and come back later I need to recalibrate Tides again or I get the frequency knob random behavior.

Any suggestions what might be causing this? I’m well within the limits of my power supply and none of my other modules are behaving weird, and as I said above after it’s calibrated the module performs flawlessly no matter how long I leave my system powered up for (days even), but as soon as I power down it’s useless again until I recalibrate.