My Tides doesn't make sound anymore :'(

Hi there,
My Tides was working fine.
I uploaded Tides Parasites, then came back, etc. It was all okay.

At some point (I think I go back to Tides Parasites), it ended to make any sounds.

Upload works fine (no red leds error; led cycling then green one for each data blocks etc)

In ANY modes of Tides Parasites, AND for the Tides stock firmware, I have :

  • no sound at all on “bi” and "uni“ outputs
  • WEIRD noise kind of sequence on “Hi” & “Low” outputs

I’m not in PLL mode…

What could be the problem ?
I’m thinking about an hardware problem.

Destroyed calibration data.

Just recalibrate.

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Thank you so much! It saved my day! Had just noise and “glitches”. Made what you said… and Voilá! New born Tides again! :slight_smile: