My Tides doesn't make sound anymore :'(


Hi there,
My Tides was working fine.
I uploaded Tides Parasites, then came back, etc. It was all okay.

At some point (I think I go back to Tides Parasites), it ended to make any sounds.

Upload works fine (no red leds error; led cycling then green one for each data blocks etc)

In ANY modes of Tides Parasites, AND for the Tides stock firmware, I have :

  • no sound at all on “bi” and "uni“ outputs
  • WEIRD noise kind of sequence on “Hi” & “Low” outputs

I’m not in PLL mode…

What could be the problem ?
I’m thinking about an hardware problem.


Destroyed calibration data.

Just recalibrate.


Thank you so much! It saved my day! Had just noise and “glitches”. Made what you said… and Voilá! New born Tides again! :slight_smile: