My thread test, or trash thread but you can use it!

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Vanilla is a good forum, but insert images and other links work half the time if one is not accustomed to html
This thread will be my " testing " thread.
But I’m nice: you can also use it ;0)

Samples ( remove parenthesis) :

() emphasis () : emphasis
(!) image_url (!) : insert img
(“) link text (“) : link_url : i’m the link url
(arobase)highlight(arobase) : highlight
() strong () : strong
(*space) :

  • Bulleted list


  1. Numeric list
  2. Numeric list


  • Insert souncloud player or youtube video (it does not work in the “Preview” windows when you answering ) :
    replace both SOUNDCLOUD_URL or YOUTUBE_URL without space



HTML is not supported.


! image_url !


" link text " : link_url

Without spaces…

It was enough to ask, I thought you had to use html tags
Thank you !

What this for a Box?

no, its a test : its a test thread :0)

Are we allowed to derail it?

Aren’t all threads derailed in the end?


yes you can also test here derailments !

I wonder if we can get this thread derailed faster than Usain Bolt?
Cthulhu fthagn!

I 'm afraid that this thread is dedicated to derailment at his first post

Drink some and derail away.

Derail ale

Mmm, IPA. Wonder how an IPA and a typical APA differ in taste? Have to do some ale tasting this fall…

if its meant for derailing then its boring… back to topic: Täst! Einszwo…

Testen! Untz untz untz. Sennheiser 980i are very nice. Good I got them as a gift (expensive they are!).


Ohhhh look :i can highlight :
@ Ohh : i can highlight@