My shruti is almost finished but the led test doesn´t work

I found one problem thanks to the forum. The 7085 and the 7905 were on the wrong places. There was no current on the 5+ of the connection between the two boards. Now this is fixed. But the led test is still not working. I measured out some strange voltages on the connection between the two boards. First the 5+ is now ok. But on the cv 1 , the cv 2,the q and on the f pin there is zero voltage. on the vca i got -3,7V and on the osc i got 1 V but falling. I guess it was higher before.
I hope that someone can help.

Measuring the CVs, F, Q, and OSC is pointless as these Voltages are generated from the ATMega and change with high frequencies. As long as you don’t have a Scope you hardly can make any useful readings there, especial if you don’t know which Patch/Note you are playing.

Stick your Black Probe onto a GND Point (Blue) and measure with your RED Probe a positive test point (Red) and a negative test point (Green)

You should get something near +5V (Red Point) and close to 5V (green Point). If thats OK theres something wrong on your Digital Board check the Solder Joints around the LEDs (are these oriented the right way? Measure Voltage on the LEDs pads, opposite to the Buttons) and the 165.

Thank you for your fast reply. I think i forgot to mention, that i already tested this. It´s all ok with the voltages in this test.

Did you measure the Voltages at the LEDs?

No not already. But I´ll try to do this.

I tried the second led with one probe on the ground and the red one on each of the led pins. No voltage.

The first posting i have made is for testing the voltages on the filterboard without connecting it to the controller board. It was just to see if every connection i have to the controller board has the right current. But this maybe means, that there´s something wrong with the filter board, if there is voltage on the osc connection without having it connected to the controller board.

cant confirm this as i never had the idea to measure this as its meaningless…

Now I’m a bit confused: The Power Test without Digital Board is OK, you have +5V on the Digital Board and no Voltage at any LED?

wow. i´m just a bit more confused. there must be a contact problem. the led have shortly lighted the right ones. i must check the solderings of the connector.

thank you so much for your help fcd72. it was the ground that was badly soldered. i checked all of the soldering but now i found it. i got to test the sound now.