My shruthi won't power up anymore!

it used to turn on… i tried 4 different power supply’s and the one I had used before (they work for other pedals/synths)
whaaats wrong?

dont knoooooooow?

“won’t power up” is quite a bad description, a dead thing isnt interesting because its just dead and there are a zillion things that might have gone bad, most of them so obvious that nobody is willing to repeat the whole list over and over again. People need to hook somehow to your problem, the more information you give and the more specific it is the higher the chance is someone points you to the right spot - here are some tips to drag people into troubleshooting:

  • have you measured the PSU, is Center Pin positive ?
  • is everything dead or does the LCD Backlighting work?
  • have you measured the power at the Voltage regulators?
  • have you checked and reseated the Boards?
  • Have you measured the power on the DIgital Board?