My shruthi build with a little problem [SOLVED]

hello, this is my first message in this forum, greetings to all of you. yesterday i completed my first shruthi (some more to come), this isthe first diy synth that i have built and it was somehow easy with all the manuals and information available.

i had some problems to get my shruthi to work, but i finally understood how to configure correctly the screen contrast. my shruhit is now working correctly. all the leds do what they should, all options seem to be allright, im playing a keyboard through the midi input and tke the output to a small guitar amp (fender passport mini). this little box has some great sounds inside. but there’s a problem that i still haven’t figured out. i have read in the documentation that pushing the switch 1 for 2 seconds should trigger a test note, but not in mine, i have tried many times but the result is allways the same, no sound, i just can get sound triggering the notes from the midi keyboard.

is there something i am doing wrong?, should i try from any specific page? or maybe theres a problem in the circuit or in some of the ICs that i don’t understand? i tried the trace the audio path thing but i just found some noise and a low kind of whistle sound at the point 2, silence in all the other points, i’m not sure that i did it well though.

thanks for the help, i hope i can solve this little problem and then i can focus in my next shruthi, may be a dual svf, may be a polivoks…

greetings form Spain

The test note is no longer on S1. It is now triggered by holding the encoder.

User manual for firmware < 1.00
User manual for firmware >= 1.00

Wich version of the firmware are you using? With the new 1.0x firmware you have to press and hold the encoder for the test note.

Do you know which firmware version you are using? For versions before 1.00, from the manual:

Press S1 for a long period of time to trigger a C4 test note. Press and hold again to stop the test note. Coupled with the sequencer or arpeggiator, this allows the Shruthi to be used as a stand-alone instrument, without an external MIDI keyboard.

Versions from 1.00 on do not seem to mention the test note in the documentation.

Wow, everyone answered at the same time nearly! I couldn’t find anything for “test note” in the new docs.

There is no mention of it in the new docs because it’s no longer just a “test note”. You can actually change it and play scales with the 4 knobs.

thanks for the quick answers, i am using the firmware version 1.01, is the atmega that came with my shruthi kit. i received it last tuesday.

i am trying pressing and holding the encoder but still no sound

i’m reading the manual for the firmware >=1. i found this:

Hardware selection

The Shruthi firmware can run on 3 versions of the hardware:

“Classic” version with 4 knobs.
“XT classic” – original design by fcd72.
“XT” – with aluminum panel, sold as a kit.

The kits are sold with chips already configured for the correct version of the hardware. However, you might face the situation in which a chip configured for one version of the Shruthi is inserted into another version.

This might lead to unexpected behavior such as flickering values on the screen, or buttons not correctly reacting to presses. To configure the correct version of the hardware, power the Shruthi on with the encoder pressed. The screen displays which version of the hardware is currently active. Repeat the procedure until the correct version is displayed.

could this be my problem?, i’m trying to start the shruthi with the encoder pressed but the screen never shows anything different than "mutable instruments v1.01 &Ñ-1"or something like that. is there any other way to check if i’m using the “classic” version?

Did you build this from a kit from the shop? Is your encoder pressing working at all in the menu’s?

thank you shiftr, i think you have found the problem, i guess my encoder is not working as it should as clicking it don’t alow me to edit the parameters. i should have noticed earlier, stupid of me

so i will check the encoders solder points. i thought that i checked that yesterday, but i suppose i just skipped it.

well, this is embarrasing…

n00b error:
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sorry for the trouble, jam mode working now. thank you all for your help and quick answers, there’s a great community here!