My Shruthi 1 can only store 16 patches - am I mising something?


On my newly built shruthi, I seem to have just 80 positions for patches and only 16 of these are filled. I have tried uploading sysex to the other slots but they simply won’t save. However, I can overwrite any of the first 16 positions. I don’t know if this is a software, hardware or user issue but I really would appreciate some help if anyone knows what’s happening here.


the amount of patches is determined by the EEEPROM (how many Es was it?), but the first 16 are saved on the MCU if I’m not mistaken. So if you can’t save anything past 16 it might be something with your eeeprom chip.

Yup - I’ll check it when I get back in about an hour. I can’t see anything else being at fault as otherwise, it behaves and sounds perfect.


Definitely an eprom related problem. Check soldering, bent legs etc.

Thanks all. It looked fine but I removed and reinserted the chip and now it’s fine. Jolly good. I thought I might have to regurgitate my victory candy.

cool, glad you could solve it so easily!