My secret synth desire, as an 11 year old kid

I posted this to Analogue Heaven earlier today, and Matrixsynth picked it up. Was quite the revelation for me when I stumbled upon it!


Did you ever buy a Moog?

I did - in fact, in true DIY spirit, I resurrected a broken Prodigy many years ago. But alas, I sold it several years after that. So I am still Moog-less today. Perhaps Moog will see the post and send me one! :wink:


In 1971, when I was 11 years old, my father bought Walter/Wendy Carlos’ soundtrack to Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, and I was entranced by the sound and idea of the Moog modular. Switched on Bach and several Tomita albums were also acquired, and by 15 I was determined to own a modular synth, which in those days meant either a Moog or a Roland (Buchla and Serge were unknown esoterica in those days). It took until 1981 for me to acquire one, or rather build one, a Digisound-80 from the UK. By the time I had finished building it, I was too busy studying (for the same profession as Dan) to make much use of it. I’m still a complete sucker for the Moog ladder filter sound (props to Andre’ at TubeOhm!).

AT 15 or so I was happily a folky acoustic guitar guy. I was cruising one day at night listening to the FM Radio when "Lucky Man’ came on. Cool tune, I thought, nice acoustic work, good vocals, nice! And then … WHAT THE F**K IS THAT?!? Changed my world forever, no lie.

Someone on Analogue Heaven mentioned that Brain Salad Surgery was their “trigger” for getting into synths, and I definitely remember listening to it quite a bit (my older brothers turned me on to it). But who knows - maybe “Lucky Man” is what did it for me too?

@BennelongBicyclist - which profession? I have several - jack of all trades, master of none kind of thing… :wink:

@dnigrin: health informatics (more health research informatics these days). And I wore a set of tubes for nearly two decades. Um, you probably know Ken Mandl, and through him, possibly Ross Lazarus. That would be too weird.

I did finally get my first moog (no cap this year: the awesome Sub Phatty :slight_smile: I have preordered it’s biggy brother the Sub 37 too)

@BennelongBicyclist - too weird. Ken Mandl and I have worked on stuff together going back over a decade. Don’t know Ross though…

@mmarsh - yeah, the screaming Moog modular with lots of portamento and liberal use of pitch bend at the end of “Lucky Man” got everyone’s attention back in 1970.

@dnigrin - Ken knows Ross, who is a colleague of mine - Ross was at Harvard Med School for a long time, now back in Oz, working on galactic stuff.

Small world!