My resonance is gone [SOLVED]

I was playing a midi sequence using my mv8000, the shruthi-1 and other synths with the 8 bit bass preset, and suddenly the sound of the shruthi-1 almost disappeared… i have try with other preset and it’s the same, init preset = no sound at all, every preset with resonance put to zero are silent, and when i turn the resonance knob it sounds like fart, it’s really weird because i have build this shruthi-1 in may and it was working perfectly for hours, days, weeks… and suddenly no sound, no resonance…

if someone can help me.

thank you


SOLVED - weird, i never move my shruthi, he is on my desk, but apparently the chips of the filter boards have moved and we’re not correctly inserted in their emplacements.


weird this problem is back again, i was playing, tweaking some knobs with my M-audio oxygen 8, and again my resonance is gone, low volume and it sounds like fart…

Bad soldered connection somewhere.

ok thank you i will try to look carefully at my connections this week, what’s weird is that this resonance problem happens every time i use my shruthi with an external controller, but with my background concerning the assembly of the shruthi ( ) , i vote for the bad soldered connection

what connections in particular deserve my attention for this kind of issue? thank you

i would try the IC sockets first, since you apparently were able to restore sound by touching (?) the ICs last time.

Thank you for your help, you were right it was the IC2 TL072.

Thanx again

I’ve been through this kind of thing a few times… really frustrating. Stopped using el cheapo “flat leg” sockets and switched to more expensive machined “round leg” sockets – never had this problem since then.

I never hat problems with the cheap sockets… its more me bending legs when inserting, once the chip is in the see, more reliable to me.

Lousy flat sockets were at the origin of my resonance issue on the YM pioneer run - I think it’s the first time this happened to me.

You mean there are even more lousy cheap sockets than the ones from Reichelt?

I can’t tell if they’re from mouser or banzai. But they’re pretty bad.

Sockets have a bad reputation, period. I’m seriously considering omitting them from now on, except possibly for the processor and flash. Of course you have to pay attention to what you’re inserting where and with what orientation, but you should really be doing that anyway. And seeing what a beating the 165 and 595 in my first build took - and survived - I’m not too worried about heat destroying them anymore, not if you’re just a bit careful.

My rule for sockets is if they cost more than the part, I dont use them…